The Top 5 College Football Debates

The Top 5 College Football Debates

The Gridiron Seems to Be an Inescapable Place for Controversy

Rodrick Colbert - The Tampanian

Rodrick Colbert – The TampanianYahoo! Contributor Network
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What would the autumn be like if it were not for college football? State colleges with colorful names are plastered across the news screen or become food for light but intense discussion in pool halls or college dorms across the nation. College football stands practically as an American institution- equally an institution filled with controversy. Let’s look at my top NCAA football debates or controversies.

Head Concussion Safety

I list head concussion safety first as it is probably the least controversial because, well, the sport is American football and heads do collide. The average professional football player has probably been colliding heads since little league. However, very seriously though, according the Concussion Blog, the NCAA has no mandated requirements in reporting injuries (Nov. 15, 2011). In fact, many former college football players sustain not only career ending injuries, but ones that remain for the rest of their life. In fact, there is a College Football Assistance Fund dedicated for former college football players in need (

Bowl Championship Series vs. Playoff System

Another hot contention is the fact that NCAA Division 1-A football does not cap its season with a playoff system that would determine a champion. Rather what takes place is that a system of pollscombined with various computer formulas determines the top-two teams in the country. These teams then face off in a major championship bowl game to decide the eventual champion. Many have long felt that this system lacks a measure of excitement that would be generated by similar post-season tournaments in other college sports. Plus, the true champions should be determined on the field. Unfortunately, those for the status quo cite tradition and the greater on the regular season that comes from the lack of a playoff season.

Shady Recruitment and Corruption

Auburn University was recently mired in big time college corruption. There were several NCAA investigations for shady recruitment and a situation where two former players killed. Several players were involved in serious crimes and a coach fired and paid off for $7.5 million. There were also allegations to players being paid cash to play and promises of grade changes. (“Auburn Football Scandal“, Hayes, April 5, 2013)

College Athletes Should be Paid? This hot topic is a perennial one. Since these young bodies take constant punishment, mostly at their personal cost, some feel that that college athletes should be paid. Plus, the lack of paying student-athletes invites graft and corruption as some football players are held up as gods but might personally be quite impoverished. However, most university administrators feel that these athletes are students first. Those athletes who are fortunate enough to receive a scholarship are receiving a greater value in return for their service to the university. There is also a question if college athletes were to get paid, what about those sports which would never be paid like women sports programs? If colleges had to pay each of their athletes, that situation could become cost prohibitive. Furthermore, what if colleges in the same division had some schools that paid their athletes and others didn’t? That would be quite an imbalance. Some feel that a healthy medium might be a small signing bonus to exceptional athletes and greater freedom for students to profit from their labor such as product endorsements.

Should College Football be Banned?

This is probably the most controversial topic. There have been very substantial debates of eliminating college football from universities. The reasons tend to hinge on health issues, corruption, and academic relevancy. While there doesn’t exist a serious effort for universities across the nation to eliminate their football programs, it is often speculated as to what influence or lack thereof that football program have on institutions of higher learning. Where there is little debate is that universities with winning football teams are better known. This can lead to better non-public based funding, higher number of applicants, stronger alumni contributors. For the near future, college football is here to study. It is a unique American tradition of social solidarity, even in a country has a long history of being divided.

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    I am positive that said, ” For the near future, college football is here to ‘stay’.” when I submitted it.

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