Rodrick D. Colbert

About Rodrick

Rodrick D. Colbert

Rodrick D. Colbert

Rodrick D. Colbert

The Principal Executive of the Rodrick D. Colbert Group. LLC

Facilitator of the Evolutionary Project

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Based in the Tampa, Florida, Rodrick is a bright, energetic, well-known, well-educated, and well-traveled  advocate, educator, entertainer, and entrepreneur.

He has professional and personal experience  in fields as varied as education (secondary as well as higher education-community college and university), engineering,  government and international affairs, film/television/animation/multimedia/online media/instructional technology, Mixed Martial Arts/Brazilian Jujitsu, Music and vocal performance, Public speaking/Corporate training/voice overs, Astronomy, Human rights/Civil liberties/Secular Humanism, foreign languages (studied French/Spanish/Arabic, worked with student Veterans, and Investing/Trading (interest in FOREX).

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