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Working together for Tampa Bay’s innovative health future

May 17, 2013 · 9:07 pm

At Monday’s MediFuture2023 event, I laid out my vision for the future of how Tampa Bay could look as ahub for healthcare innovation.  I want to see it happen: Downtown Tampa as a mecca for healthcare’s most entrepreneurial activities, a new mini-Silicon Valley for disruptive information technology, biomedical engineering and common-sense solutions to healthcare.

It might sound rosy to some, but the thing we have to realize is that it could happen – it could really happen if we all come together to create it. I was privileged to speak on a panel Monday with Dr. Bill Dalton, CEO of M2Gen and director of Moffitt Cancer Center’s Personalized Medicine Institute, and Len Polizzotto, PhD, vice president of Draper Lab.

Led by Rick Homans, the Tampa Economic Development Corp. did a great job of presenting MediFuture, along with the Tampa Bay Partnership Regional Research and Education Foundation. We even got national press from Forbes magazine. Rick wants to make MediFuture a national event next year, the “Paris Air Show of health care.”

_HCM4608-webWhat struck me was the extent to which Tampa Bay’s regional leaders understand that we have to work together to really be successful. For this to work, “it’s imperative we have these kinds of partnerships,” Dr. Dalton told us. “If we play as a team, we’ll really succeed,” is the way Dr. Polizzotto put it.

Cooperation is the key.  If we learn from each other, we invest in each other, we start to look like a thriving cluster on the verge of a chain reaction. On Monday, I made this recommendation: Go home today and think of one partner you’ve never worked with. Call them up. Have lunch. See what you can do together to help each other grow and succeed. Those kind of partnerships will benefit all of Tampa Bay.


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