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Just a heads up Rodrick –
If you want to start an importing & e-commerce business, now is the time…
Importing & E-Commerce are EXPLODING right now – there’s literally never been a bigger opportunity for online entrepreneurs.
Don’t believe me? Think of this, smarty-pants –
  • E-commerce companies are experiencing unprecedented growth rates (Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, etc)
  • The biggest companies in the world are optimizing for e-commerce (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, & Twitter are ALL rolling out ad platforms specifically for e-commerce sellers)
  • Malls are empty, and retail is DEAD! Giants like Radio Shack, Best Buy, Sears, Circuit City, Borders – they’re all FAILING! All their customers are going online to shop – buyers are literally FLOODING the e-commerce markets.
You’ve been into e-commerce for years – but now it’s ‘mainstream’. There’s literally never been a better time to launch your importing & e-commerce empire…
You probably know I kind of ‘wrote the book’ on launching and importing / e-commerce business. Hell – if you Google ‘import from china’, I’m the first 4 results!


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For those without PayPal, you can pay for my online services with a bank/credit/debit card.


Resume Service: This serivice is for an intial rough draft with your current resume. Then, we work on it together until it meets your satisfaction.

Referral Service: This service is my advance rate for my time to help clients to seek an employment position, research any information, secure any  personal or professional service, and/or to conduct any business transaction in which a third party is involved.

Social Media Consulting: This service covers setting up a very basic website, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any of the current Social media for personal or professional use.

Technical or Scientific Writing: This service involves assistance with writing or reviewing any technical or scientific paper. The price depends on the extent to which the writer needs my assistance and/or  the current stage of the paper and the ultimate length.

Film Event Sponsorship: This service is for my assistance in sponsors acquired for any live film or video related event or sponsorship for a film production. The price is per sponsor.

Sports Event Sponsorship: This service is for my assistance in sponsors acquired for any live local sporting event.

Public Speaking or Corporate Training Event: This service is for my time to travel and to speak at a public function or to assist a non-profit, business, or agency in a training capacity about a given topic or idea. The stipend varies by event.

Educational Consulting: This service is my advance rate as a former Engineering academic advisor to help anyone to research, prepare, apply, and/or to secure funding (to the extent it is possible) to any higher education or post-secondary institution in the world.

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